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About me

Basically I am IT Professional with lot of skills. I designed lot of sites in online and most of them are still live in my Server. But in IT field we can't follow our ethics in most of the time. I wouldn't like to cheat peoples for some money. That's why I currrently working with my own platforms like webhosting and app development. Also I am a trader in many Sites especially in crypto Trading Like Wazirx Site. Know More About Crypto Trading

I have skill with Adobe- Audition, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Microsoft- Office, Audio Video Photo Editing, M S Office, Server Management, OS Installation, Android Mobile Programming, Development in Android Programming, and many more.

Curently working with my own platforms in world of internet. designed many more websites you can see some examples in my work section on this page. Digital world is the future technology so if you are interest to make your business online I am here to help you.