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Name: Sudheer Kabeer

Profile: Web Designer and developer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+91) 9020645214


HTML 88%
CSS3 85%
PHP 75%
About me

Basically I am IT Professional with lot of skills. I designed lot of sites in online and most of them are still live in my Server. But in IT field we can't follow our ethics in most of the time. I wouldn't like to cheat peoples for some money. That's why I currrently working with my own platforms like webhosting and app development. Also I am a trader in many Sites especially in crypto Trading Like Wazirx Site. Know More About Crypto Trading

I have skill with Adobe- Audition, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Microsoft- Office, Audio Video Photo Editing, M S Office, Server Management, OS Installation, Android Mobile Programming, Development in Android Programming, and many more.

Curently working with my own platforms in world of internet. designed many more websites you can see some examples in my work section on this page. Digital world is the future technology so if you are interest to make your business online I am here to help you.


I would like to introduce my some advanced service to you.

Web Design

Now days we are living the virtual world more than our physical world. So every business Required a website there to make their unique Identity. Contact me for make a website for your brand in Cheap prize with very good and comfortable service

Web Development

Web development required much skills on this field. Thank god I belive god has gifted me the efficency to do that. You can trust My work for your website with my skills. I will try to do the best class service for your website from my side


Photography is one of my passion, thats why i buy a Canon 77 D in past year (2019). Pictures doing the proof or evidence for our day by day life. Its reminding our pasts, the moments we spend, the moment we live with, I love Photography.

Responsive Design

Now we are in 2020 and almost everyone have a smartphone in their hand. So the Previous version of webdesigns are now in dead end and. I am making full Responsive website with your content on it. Doesnt matter wich devices user are try to open our website. Our site will absoloutely responsive for them so easy access is offered

Graphic Design

We each and every one know the sites quality is based on the graphics wich we are used in our platform. So I am using very High Quality Images Videos etc for our website as well. Thats why when user visit our site they will attracted to our contents. I am making a better SEO management and user interested content will be in high resolution for stuck their eyes on there.

Marketing Services

Yes ofcourse we need the marketing for our website to reach it in our users hand. That is not a big issue with us. I will share your website to most of our Social Media platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc. some basic to high end plans are there for your needs. some free and Paid Promotions also offered for you.










I already Done Many Websites and introducing some of them here


We have many Blog sites available with many technology related news

Study More Technology

Sudheer Kabeer's Blog is a wonderfull knowledge sharing platform for your android devices. its handling many more posts day by day and amazing experience with all of posts, apps ,and more.

We Are in YouTube

I have a channel with name I am Sudheer Kabeer which is one of the technology related Youtube channel stand for protecting Peoples From The Frauds in Internet. We are working for open the truth behind the scenes in Internet or daily life..

We Are In a Malayalam Blog

You can Read post in Malayalm on Our Droidtips.in Website. the website is writing most of content in malayalam and also handling our youtube channel videos publishing there